The 2018 BCC will have two events.  For Recreation anglers there will be a one day event that will follow most of the same format and rules, five fish submitted and prizes will be gift cards in the amount of the Recreation division registration fees.    

Registration cost will be $75 per person.

The 2018 Border City Classic will also run on June 23rd, and 24th, 2017 with the same format as last year with the exception of a few rule changes.

Registration cost will be $110 per person

We will have a Thursday night 7pm captains meeting live on Facebook.  Regardless of whether you watch the captains meeting YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO KNOW THE RULES AND ANY CHANGES ANNOUNCED AT CAPTAINS MEETING.

There will be an optional Captains meeting at the Riverside Sportsman Club on Friday night 8:00pm.  Identifiers will be announced at that time and posted on the Border City Classic FB page.